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Succeeding in the modern business world requires an entire arsenal of skill sets. Just knowing your specific job functions is not enough. Do you know how to best run a meeting? What about networking? Are you culturally and gender sensitive in the workplace? Our 21-part Business Etiquette Lesson Series is a comprehensive digest of business manners that everyone needs to know.

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Louise Fox
Louise Fox

For two decades Louise Fox has been teaching business manners to leading organizations all across North America. Her distinctive and highly effective training methods earned her the title "The Etiquette Lady." Law firms, business schools, corporate executives, Fortune 100 Companies -- and even the Toronto Argonauts have put Louise's knowledge to work.

Louise's understanding of proper corporate conduct is unsurpassed. Because of her extensive expertise, she is a media favorite. Louise is a frequent guest on Entertainment Tonight, CBS Newsworld and the CBC's Steven and Chris Show. Louise is also the etiquette coach for the Woman's Network's top-rated show Style by Jury, and the consultant on the Food Network's Chef School. She has also been featured in dozens of newspapers and magazines including the National Post and Today's Parent.

So that more companies could gain insight from her training, Louise developed in 2009. It is the most comprehensive business etiquette site available on the internet today.