Civility Training & Assessment for small and large organizations

  • A conscious awareness of the impact of one’s thoughts, actions, words and intentions on others; combined with,
  • A continuous acknowledgement of one’s responsibility to ease the experience of others (e.g., through restraint, kindness, non-judgment, respect, and courtesy); and,
  • A consistent effort to adopt and exhibit civil behaviour as a non-negotiable point of one’s character.

Dr. Lewena Bayer

Meet Civility Experts Inc. CEO

Dr. Lewena Bayer (MCCT, ESP, CICC, HON. DOCTORATE) is an author, speaker, entrepreneur and the world’s foremost expert on civility. Many years ago, she made a personal and professional commitment to choose civility every day. For 22 years Dr. Lewena Bayer (hon.) has been internationally recognized as a leading civility expert.

 “In choosing civility, people find their best self, and in doing so, they experience the grace, courage, generosity, humanity, and humility that civility engenders.” - Lew Bayer

The Civility Experts Inc. online course facilitation team includes: 

Jacqueline Moore, Jessica LoRusso, Louise Fox, Christian Masotti, Michelle Clarke, Colleen Krebs, and Courtney Feldman.

Civility Training Overview

By Civility Experts Affiliate Malaysia

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