Are you ready to learn about Manners?

The goal of this lesson in the Macaroni & Please manners series is for children to understand what respect is, why it's important and how they can show some simple and respectful behaviours.

Take Charge and be a Leader!

Having respect means you care about others feelings

Understanding what respect is means that we can show respectful behaviours.

Using good manners shows that you have respect.

Actions speak louder than words and showing respect means you act in a way that shows you care about others feelings and well being.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    I Cant Get Any Respect!

    • What is Respect?

    • Let's use learn more about respect

    • Video: Sesame Street: Respect | Word on the Street

    • Video: Use Polite Words - Animated Lesson with Sign Language

    • Video: ALL ABOUT RESPECT! (song for kids about showing respect)

    • The Berenstain Bears Show Some Respect~ Read Along

    • Activity: I can't get any respect!

    • Activity: Detect the Respect!

    • Activity: Colouring In Fun

    • Let's see what we have learned about respect

    • Be a Good World Citizen

    • Resources for Children’s Parent(s)/Grandparents/Caregivers