Can you hear me?

The goal of this lesson is to explain what listening is, why we need to be good listeners, when to listen, and how to listen with TING.

Most of us interact and communicate with other people every day. Sometimes we do a lot of talking and we need to learn how to be better listeners. Listening helps us learn. It helps us build trust with others, and it helps us to engage in effective communication.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Listening for Kids - Kids Edition

    • Video: What is Listening

    • Important Words to Know

    • Video: Active Listening: How to Communicate Effectively

    • Draw Yourself Listening

    • Be a Whole Body Listener – Song with actions!

    • Ting - The Spirit of Listening

    • Listening with Ting Video and Activity

    • Listening with Ting at Home Activity

    • Be a Good World Citizen

    • Video: The Rabbit Listened

    • Quiz: Let’s find out what we know!

    • Resources for Children’s Parent(s)/Grandparents/Caregivers