Are you ready to learn about Manners?

Take Charge and be a Leader!

Being polite is all about learning what manners are and how to use them

Do you know what Social behaviour is?

Join us in this course where you can learn more about what Social behaviour is, why we have social rules and how the behaviour expected may change depending on different situations.

The Golden Rule is to learn to treat other people how you would like to be treated.

Take charge, be a leader, be kind and make good choices when out in public and in your community! Are you ready?

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Social Behaviour in Special Places

    • Behaviour in Social Places

    • Video: Social Behaviour in Special Places

    • Video: Little Mandy Manners

    • Video: Manners in Public READ ALOUD

    • Video: What if Everybody Did That? A fun Read Aloud about well... 'what if everybody broke the rules'!!

    • Activity: Social Behaviour in Special Places Worksheet

    • Be a Good World Citizen

    • Let's think about what we have learned

    • Resources for Children’s Parent(s)/Grandparents/Caregivers