Are you ready to learn about Manners?

The goal of this lesson in the Macaroni & Please manners series is for children to understand what manners are, why they are important and learn to show some simple and polite behaviours.

Take Charge and be a Leader!

Being polite is all about learning what manners are and how to use them

Learning about manners helps us get along with other people!

When we learn to use our power to be polite and use our manners then we get along with people and good things usually happen. The Golden Rule is to learn to treat other people how you would like to be treated.

Join us in this lesson where we figure out "what are manners anyway?'.

Take charge, be a leader and make good choices! Are you ready?

Course curriculum

  • 1

    What are manners anyway?

    • What are Manners?

    • Lets look at some Manners Examples!

    • What are Manners Anyway

    • Video: Little Mandy Manners

    • Video: Listen Better Kids - Howard B. Wigglebottom and Manners Matter

    • Would you like to help Howard and the Pup Scouts with their good manners competition? Watch the video and select the polite choice!

    • Activity: Be a Manners Detective (for older children)

    • Activity: Colouring In Fun

    • Poster: Manners

    • Poster: The Happy Bunny

    • Let's think about what we have learned

    • Be a Good World Citizen

    • Resources for Children’s Parent(s)/Grandparents/Caregivers