Are you ready to learn about Manners?

The goal of this lesson in the Macaroni & Please manners series is for children to understand what behaviours are polite when meeting someone new.

Take Charge and be a Leader!

Knowing how to greet someone is using our manners

Meeting new people can be scary, especially if we don't know what to do!

Knowing the right thing to do when you meet someone new makes people feel comfortable and included. When we know what's expected it helps us feel confident.

The Golden Rule is to learn to treat other people how you would like to be treated.

Take charge, be a leader and make good choices! Are you ready?

Course curriculum

  • 1

    What do you do when you meet someone new?

    • What do you do when you meet someone new? Introduce yourself of course!

    • What DO you do when you meet someone new?

    • Video: What's your name? Super Simple Songs

    • Video: Sesame Street: Celine Dion is Happy to Meet Herry

    • Activity: Let's practice introducing ourselves!

    • Activity: Circle the right and polite ways to greet people

    • Poster: Ways to Greet People

    • Let's think about what we have learned

    • Be a Good World Citizen

    • Resources for Children’s Parent(s)/Grandparents/Caregivers